"Quite simply, the novel about the Vietnam War..."
The Chicago Sun Times

"Finally, somebody had gotten it right -- the language, danger, cadence, frustration, and racial tension were all how I'd remembered them...I'd been there, damnit, and this is exactly what it felt like." Doug Bradley, Huffington Post

"The combat scenes are incredible. Everything that happens has the indelible mark of truth." Carpasian Wars Book Review

"The symbolism, layering, Jungian archetypes, foreshadowing, and journey itself make this much more than just one of the best novels about the Vietnam War." From review on Amazon  

"This literary Masterpiece is as thrilling as WE WERE SOLDIERS, as entertaining as FORREST GUMP, and as chilling as SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. The story is touching and the setting is perfect, along with excellent historical research and facts. Highly Recommended!" From review on Amazon